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Aug 162017

A forward-looking digital agency in Leeds and London

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We’d love to hear from you! Send us a message using the form opposite, or email us. Hello. We’re a digital agency in Leeds & London. A good one. We design and build websites and apps. Source

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Aug 152017


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Easy scroll animations for web and mobile browsers. Source

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Aug 112017

7 Enterprise-Level Websites From Australia That Are Built With WordPress

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Recently we talked about the state of the WordPress community in Australia on this blog. The tightly-knit community is remarkable for a country divided by lots of open space. In this post, we want to continue with the theme...

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Aug 82017

How to Make a Logo in Illustrator – KD #6

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Get my design courses at : or sign up to my blog newsletter to get the source files for this episode at this episode, I go over how to create a typographical logo in illustrator!...

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Aug 22017

Restrict Access to wp-content/uploads when User is not Logged In

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require_once(‘wp-load.php’); is_user_logged_in() || auth_redirect(); list($basedir) = array_values(array_intersect_key(wp_upload_dir(), array(‘basedir’ => 1)))+array(NULL); $file =...

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Jul 112017

Regex Vimeo Parser

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Today’s Regex is used to parse a string for Vimeo links and extract the Video_ID. Once we have the Video_ID we’re able to create a standard embed code from Vimeo links. The following Regex supports these Vimeo links and...

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Jun 292017

Implementation of Liquid button

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Original work: https://material.uplabs. Source

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May 32017

Reset positions of metaboxes in admin

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SELECT * FROM `wp_usermeta` WHERE `user_id` =1 AND `meta_key` LIKE 'meta-box%'

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Apr 22017


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Инфографика на сайте! Это уникальный и единственный в своем роде jQuery plugin позволяющий отображать инфографику на вашем веб...

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Mar 182017


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The compiled bundle supports AMD, commonjs, commonjs2 and variable injection into given context (UMD) as export format: You can use a module bundler if you want. Source

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