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Jun 92018

Priority Nav Scroller – Priority+ navigation in a horizontal scrollable container with controls

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Priority Nav Scroller is a plugin for the priority+ navigation pattern. When the navigation items don’t fit on screen they are hidden in a horizontal scrollable container with controls. The script is an ES6(ES2015) module...

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Jun 92018

What Is The Best WordPress Table Plugin? 4 Options Compared

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Trying to choose the best WordPress table plugin for your site? In this post, I went hands-on with 4 popular table plugins and compared them for you. Tables can come in handy in all types of situations. You can use them to...

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Jun 92018

Need to store some data?

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With CodePen being a front-end environment, of course, you can use things like localStorage or indexedDB to store data. You know, data that will be there even if the page refreshes. Source

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May 202018

The backdrop-filter CSS property

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I had never heard of the backdrop-filter property until yesterday, but after a couple of hours messing around with it I’m positive that it’s nothing more than magic. Source

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May 102018

Managing :focus styles without breaking accessibility

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We’ve all done it at one time or another. The browser’s default focus style for links and form controls doesn’t mix well with a design we’re building, so either at someone’s request or of our own volition, we throw...

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May 22018

What Is the Best API for Geolocating an IP Address?

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While working on a recent project for a client, I found myself in the need of a good and reasonably reliable Geolocation API to find out more about a user that visits your site. So, I did a little research for currently...

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May 12018

Less creepy geolocation – Nathan Shubert-Harbison

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You don’t have to dig too far into the HTML5 geolocation API before you find web developers asking the wrong question: how do you use the geolocation API without asking user permission? Fortunately the geolocation API...

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Apr 172018

How to Create Interactive Images in WordPress

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Do you want to create an interactive image for your WordPress blog? An interactive image allows you to highlight, link, and animate certain areas of your image. In this article, we will show you how to create interactive...

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Apr 122018

Top 8 Website Responsiveness Testing Tools to Test Your Website Design

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Responsiveness and smooth functioning is a way to lock your visitor’s interest in a website or any related interface. It is important that you test the website design on every device that is mostly used and has more users....

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Apr 82018


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Conditional Styles with Sass. Dress your CSS appropriately. Jacket is a Compass component that prints or hides styles based on context variables you set in your stylesheet. Source

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