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Apr 92015

Responsive image map

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Following on from the last post, Image mapping and playing audio files onmouseover, I realised that I needed to make my image map responsive to take into account viewing the image on different divices. Source

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Apr 62015

A really fast AJAX autocomplete service and widget

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Download autocompeter.min.css and autocompeter.min.js and insert into your site. Check out the documentation on how to use the API. Source

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Mar 62015

A touch slideout navigation menu for your mobile web apps.

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1. First of all, you’ll need to have a menu (“#menu”) and a main content (“#panel”) into your body. 2. Add the Slideout.js styles (index.css) in your web application. Source

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Feb 262015

CSS Browser Selector

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Feb 262015

Mixin to Qualify a Selector

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There is no easy way of qualifying a selector from within its associated ruleset. By qualifying I mean prepending an element name (e.g. a) to a class (e.g. .btn) so that a ruleset gets specific to a combination of an element...

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Feb 242015

CSS Ruler

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Whoops! You need to select a length type to see it in action. Source

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Feb 212015

Use Gravity Forms to submit custom post types

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In my previous post I explained how I used the Types plugin to create a new custom post type. That custom post type will be used to display a table of supported themes for my WordPress SEO plugin, and is therefor called...

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Jan 272015

Flickity beta

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Help make Flickity better for it’s v1.0.0 release. Try out Flickity and provide any feedback. We’ll send you some Metafizzy stickers for helping us out. Source

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Jan 142015

Fixed Background Scrolling Layout

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Post Flat Design * GitHub Cheat Sheet * steps() * CSS and SVG Masks * Color Picker * Treed * Cognitive Lode * Torpedo… read more Google Night Walk * Font-To-Width * GitBook * Magic of CSS * GridList * Infinite...

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Jan 142015

Midnight.js lets you switch fixed headers on the fly

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Want to use custom markup for each header? You just need to add a div with the class .midnightHeader.default inside your header, as well as any other custom headers you want. Source

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