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Apr 212020

How to send AJAX request from WordPress theme

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AJAX makes easier to perform operations without submitting the form like – fetch, insert, delete records from MySQL database, file uploading, etc. Using AJAX in WordPress is a little different. Here, need to consider two...

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Apr 102020

Creating Scheduled Push Notifications

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Registering a Service Worker Adding and removing scheduled push notifications Enhancing push notifications with action buttons Handling push notifications in the Service Worker Source

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Mar 202020

A Few Background Patterns Sites

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If I need a quick background pattern to spruce something up, I often think of the CSS3 Patterns Gallery. Some of those are pretty intense but remember Source

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Mar 72020

What to Use Instead of Number Inputs

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You might reach for

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Mar 12020

A Follow-Up to PHP Templating

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Chris Geelhoed took a different approach than I did, passing data to a functio then using a require statement for a template file that expects global variables you set right before the require. If you’re into the idea...

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Feb 292020

How to Customize the WooCommerce Cart Page on a WordPress Site

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We’re adopting a two-column layout instead of the single full-width layout of the default template. This allows us to bring the “Cart totals” element up top so it is more visible on larger screens. Source

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Feb 162020

While You Weren’t Looking, CSS Gradients Got Better

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linear-gradient(90deg, #5461c8 12.5% /* 1*12.5% */, #c724b1 0, #c724b1 25% /* 2*12.5% */, #e4002b 0, #e4002b 37.5% /* 3*12.5% */, #ff6900 0, #ff6900 50% /* 4*12.5% */, #f6be00 0, #f6be00 62.5% /* 5*12.5% */, #97d700 0,...

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Jan 202020

10+ Great Gutenberg Add-Ons to Bring Additional Blocks and More Functionality in WordPress

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Since the release of WordPress 5.0 “Bebo” in December 2018, WordPress has a new default content editor named Gutenberg. Unlike the previous default Classic editor, titled WYSIWYG (“what you see is what you get”),...

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Dec 282019

How to Properly Add jQuery Scripts to WordPress

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Despite the fact WordPress has been around for a while, and the method of adding scripts to themes and plugins has been the same for years, there is still some confusion around how exactly you’re supposed to add scripts....

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Dec 52019

Online Generator

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Drag each item into the order you prefer. Click the arrow on the right of the item to reveal additional configuration options. Source

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