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May 42016

Beginning with 3D WebGL (pt. 1) – The Scene

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This is part 1 in a series for beginners wanting to get in to using 3D WebGL. If you haven’t checked out the other post be sure to have a look: Before I started working for CodePen I worked for a digital shop that has...

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May 42016

A selection of author settings for Chrome Developer Tools.

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If you use DevTools as your frontend development environment, DevTools Author provides a small set of options to enhance your authoring experience. Source

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Apr 292016

More Surprising Statistics About WordPress Usage

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WordPress keeps amazing us with it’s possibilities and popularity, from the amount of people that use WordPress from day to day, to the time WordPress developers invest in developing code and keeping WordPress secure....

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Apr 282016

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Apr 242016


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Currently the best option today to do this job is Masonry, but it’s very heavy and have dependency of jQuery. Please understand: this isn’t a problem is most cases, but in cases when perfomance and page weight...

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Apr 212016

WordPress Ajax call

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<script> // Ajax call to get a single dealer // fetch_individual_dealer() in functions.php function fetch_individual_dealer_information(id) { // We'll pass this variable to the PHP function fetch_dealers var dealer_id...

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Apr 202016

Bootstrap 3 change grid column count and gutter width using SASS

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/************************************ ***** column vars *************************************/ $new-columns : 12; $new-gutter-width : 40px; $grid-columns : $new-columns; $grid-gutter-width : $new-gutter-width; @mixin...

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Apr 132016

Better Interface Design: Logins, Menus, Toggles And Other Fancy Modules

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CodePen has become the playground for developers. The sandbox where you can build whatever your imagination fancies. Practical things, experimental concepts — it’s a treasure chest, bound to fuel your ideas. Source

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Apr 132016

How to Add Google Search in a WordPress Site

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As you may have discovered, in spite of its phenomenal performance as a blogging platform/CMS, WordPress falls woefully short in the search department. There are other plugins available that will improve your search results,...

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Apr 92016

State of affairs: Bootstrap 4 vs Foundation 6.2

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Bootstrap 4 and Foundation 6 are the latest versions of the most widely used CSS frameworks out there. Foundation 6 is stable whereas Bootstrap 4 hasn’t been released yet. Source

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