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May 112019

Advanced Custom Fields 5.8.0 Introduces ACF Blocks: A PHP Framework for Creating Gutenberg Blocks

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After six months in development, Advanced Custom Fields 5.8.0 was released yesterday with a new PHP-based framework for developing custom Gutenberg block types. Source

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May 52019

Making the Move from jQuery to Vue

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Twitter Facebook Finding something in the DOM (with the idea of doing something with it later) Changing something in the DOM (e.g. Source

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Mar 82019

React Select

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Dec 72018

AngularJS, Animated Placeholder & Endless Scrolling

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I came across a 2015 post on StackOverflow today, and realized that I like this “placeholder grid” style loading animation that was studied in an article by George Philips. This placeholder animation style will look...

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Dec 32018


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UPDATES COMING SOON! CMS.js is fully client-side, Javascript site generator in the spirit of Jekyll that uses plain ol’ HTML, CSS and Javascript to generate your website. CMS.js is like a file-based CMS. Source

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Nov 132018


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Drag & drop or Or try one of these: Source

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Nov 102018

The ultimate guide to proper use of animation in UX

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Nowadays it’s hard to impress or even surprise with an interface animation. It shows interactions between screens, explains how to use the application or simply directs a user’s attention. Source

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Nov 82018

QuadMenu Review – Making Magic With Mega Menu

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Let us travel back in time a bit: Do you remember the time when there was no online map so we had to rely on paper maps? Who here used a map when visiting a new place? I did, and I bet a lot of you shares the same answer!...

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Oct 232018

Pull to Re-flesh

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This Pen is a fork, but the parent Pen is now private. Source

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Oct 202018

Flexbox Grid

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Responsive modifiers enable specifying different column sizes, offsets, alignment and distribution at xs, sm, md & lg viewport widths. Percent based widths allow fluid resizing of columns and rows. Source

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